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It’s the holiday season!  Let’s make sure your family is safe during this wonderful time of the year!

Have your chimney and fireplace or stove inspected by a professional before using them in a new home. Fireplaces or stoves that burn wood or wood pellets cannot share a common chimney flue with another heating device that burns solid fuel, fossil fuel such as oil or propane, or natural gas. This can create a dangerous carbon monoxide situation based on fuel burning points. Beware!!

Make certain that the damper is opened before lighting any fireplace or wood stove. A closed damper can create a dangerous carbon monoxide situation in your home.

If using a wood stove or fireplace, make certain that there is a three-foot circumference around the device that is free of potentially flammable materials and items.

Use a fire screen with a working fireplace to control sparks and embers that might fly out of the fire onto adjacent floors, carpets or furniture.

Never leave children alone near a burning fireplace or hot wood stove.

Always shovel ashes from a fireplace or wood stove into a metal container with a metal lid, placed outside, on the ground, away from the home. 

Be sure…and this is so important… that your home has both fire and carbon monoxide detectors installed, and make certain they are in working order before firing up the fireplace or wood stove for the season.

Fireplace & Bar-B-Q Center wishes you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

A proud member of Kansas City Nari

Proud member of Kansas City NARI

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