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Even before the COVID-19 pandemic forced the majority of the country to stay at home amid various versions of governmental regulations, year-round outdoor grilling continued to trend high among consumers.

Recent studies indicate that 75% of owners grill in the winter with 23% taking to their grills on Super Bowl Sunday; 13% on Thanksgiving; and 9% on New Year’s Day.  Flavor seems to be the leading factor as to why consumers are taking their cooking to the grill year-round.  We can add convenience, hobby and warm weather to the list of key factors that are inspiring consumers to engage with their grills more often.

People want to feel good about their surroundings and the things they can do at home that are fun.  If they have a backyard or a patio and can grill, the cooking experience can be enhanced with products such as easy to use grilling thermometers.  Smart technology is one segment that has fared well especially when it comes to wireless thermometers. Bluetooth enabled thermometers have steadily been introduced and adopted by consumers over several years both for the convenience and advanced temperature measurement capabilities. Bluetooth-enabled apps help consumers monitor food temperatures while grilling, in real-time. This allows consumers to step away from the grill while they are cooking. Some models allow up to 4 probes to be connected to the app all at once.

For those that still want those steaks to be cooked perfectly but don’t need the Bluetooth functions, ThermoWorks® makes THE MOST ACCURATE thermometers in our industry. These highly accurate models are a must have for cookouts, both outdoors and indoors!

We are in an environment where consumers are trying out new techniques and new recipes, which means that consumers are expanding their range of grilling equipment.  This category has a very unique opportunity to see a rise in sales as people at home have the time to finally become the grill master they’ve always wanted to be.  And the new and improved grilling thermometers are going to help them get there!

Fireplace & Bar-B-Q Center stands ready, willing, and able to help you find the right accessory to enrich your grilling experience. We are open and ready to help you on the showroom floor or via our website.

A proud member of Kansas City Nari

Proud member of Kansas City NARI

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