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Father’s Day is this Sunday and with that, a whole summer of outdoor grilling is ahead of us!  Try for a great grill testing site.  They really know their stuff!

For total versatility, there is no better design available in the grill world than the Japanese-inspired kamado-style ceramic cookers, like the popular Big Green Egg, which we carry in the store.  The fact that you can make everything from world class bread and pizza to competition quality slow smoked ribs and brisket in one cooker, has given them a cult following.  Maybe Dad would like one for Father’s Day???

The best meat cannot be found at the supermarket, and in many cases, even a local butcher can’t deliver what the top mail order operators can.  There are quite a few good ones, but the one that seems to be the reviewers’ favorite is, a legendary New York specialty butcher that supplies many world class chefs and top restaurants, plus offers extensive online retail.  We know their beef is fantastic, and they also excel at specialty meats like rabbit, venison, duck, guinea hen, veal, pork and lamb. If you want to keep it local (and appreciate good MLB players), try Their all-natural beef is from the great state of Kansas.

The single biggest mistake made in outdoor cooking is the stubborn refusal to use a meat thermometer.  Take the guess work out of trying to determine whether the food is done before you take it off the grill.  Make sure you and/or your guest feel secure in knowing that their food is not going to make them sick.  The best thermometers we have found are at  Buy a high-quality, fast and accurate digital thermometer, and never have a piece of over or undercooked meat again.  And if you want to get to be able to stay in the cool A/C while your food is cooking, try the Bluetooth thermometers. Some of these can have up to 4 individual probes so if you are smoking you can monitor multiple cuts of meat and that info feeds into your smart device for easy monitoring. You can even set up alarms for both grill temperature ranges and preprogrammed “doneness” of food.

And finally, for most backyard grillers, BBQ is not BBQ without dry spices, rubs and accessories.  Fireplace & Bar-B-Q Center carries a wide variety from which to choose.

Give us a call and let us help you with your grilling questions, or better yet, stop by and see us in person.  Now get grillin’!

A proud member of Kansas City Nari

Proud member of Kansas City NARI

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