Prepared to be in shock with our amazing electric fireplaces! These new fireplaces are all the rage now!  They come with an array of advanced features and will take your home to a whole new level with their sleek look and visual appeal. Electric fireplaces can be installed quickly and with minimal trim. Their seamless design allows you to see the full panoramic view of the fireplace at every angle.

Not only are they easy to install, they also make a beautiful display in your home. You can customize them with a variety of color themes for the flame hues and base, and you can even choose the light color and intensity to reflect the mood of your room.

Along with all of these wonderful aspects, there are also features that can help keep your home safe and warm. The glass remains cool so that children and pets are out of harm’s way.  They quickly produce heat and warm up 1000 square feet while still saving energy.  Electric fireplaces also come with a precision thermostat that can maintain room temperature or disable the heat completely. Come in today and upgrade to our new and improved electric fireplaces!

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