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None of us can assume that last year’s grill is ready to go as soon as we fire it up.  The following are some of the things that might need to be done to get your grill ready for service again:

1)     Give your grill a thorough once over to check for rust and/or cracks in the metal or grill lines.  A spray bottle of soapy water can create bubbles if a leak is present.

2)    Wipe down the outside of the grill.  Use warm soapy water or one of the products for cleaning specific kinds of grills.

3)    The inside of the lid will likely have buildup from the previous year, and it can be a fire hazard.  It’s most likely not paint peeling, but actual grease/build-up from last year’s cook-out!  Use a paint scraper or strong brush to clean it well.

4)    Make sure the grease pan is empty!  This is a must, as grease fires are a hazard.

5)    Start the season with clean grates.  Turn all the burners to high, shut the lid and let the grill heat for 15 minutes.  Make sure you set a timer so you don’t forget the grill is on!  Hopefully everything stuck to the grill will have burned off.  Give your grates a good scrub with a grill brush or grill scraper. 

6)    Keep your grill at least 10 feet from your house, and situated on a fireproof surface like concrete or brick.

So now that you’re ready to grill, the only big decision left is…what’s for dinner?

A proud member of Kansas City Nari

Proud member of Kansas City NARI

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