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We talked about why grilling has become so popular in last month’s eblast, but we did not know at that time about “shelter in place” due to the Corona Virus, which means that now there will be even more grilling at home than there usually is at this time of year!  So, let’s make sure your grill is ready for its work ahead!

1)    The Grill Cover Nest– If your grill cover is still fit-for-service and did not become a home for something small and furry over the winter, wash it thoroughly with soap and water and hang it to dry.  Although the covers can be pretty rigid when frozen, a cover is the best snow, dust and grime deterrent.  Keeping snow off your control panel prevents your control knobs and igniter from icing up too.

2)   Cleaning Location –Don’t clean your grill where you grill.  Grilling is greasy and your grill will be if it wasn’t cleaned before the winter.  Grease can stain stone or wooden patios and many degreasers are caustic enough to bleach the same surfaces, leaving light patterns around your grill.  Move your grill to a safe cleaning location and get your scrub on!

3)   Grill Brushes – Grill brush safety should be your number one priority every spring.  Check them for rust, damage and grime and replace that brush if any of these factors is a concern.  Grill brushes are inexpensive and should be replaced often!

4)   Vent Build-up – Smoke is loaded with grease. One of the most common concerns regarding grills is “peeling paint on the inside of the grill lid, chimney or dome.” Most customers are surprised to hear that those surfaces are not painted. The peeling is carbonized grease buildup. When you’re cleaning your grill, brush these flakes of grime away. Check the vents on your smokers too, and if they’re gummed up with grime, soak them with degreaser and scrub away as much as possible. Don’t forget to re-season them with oil after.  This clean-up is essential.

 5)   Tighten-up and check your hoses –  Check the nuts and bolts on your handle, legs, cart, shelves etc. and tighten where necessary.  Your grill should feel rock solid when you’re grilling. Gas flow is critical for performance and safety. You absolutely need to check your hose for any damage that may have happened over the winter. Critters can gnaw through wood easily which means rubber hoses don’t stand a chance. For the safety of your next cookout season check your hose early and replace it if necessary. If this is an annual annoyance try one of our stainless braided hoses as a replacement. Better yet, check all of your parts, and let us know if you need replacements.

 6)    Grease Candles  – Grease candles are common in the winter months because we’re all a little more lax about cleaning. If you haven’t cleaned out your pellet grill grease cup in a while it’s probably overflowing and has created a few grease candles. Remove them when it’s cold! Hard grease is far easier to work with than liquid grease. Remove the bulk of it when it’s firm, and use a pellet grill cleaning kit to scrape away. On a warmer day remove the rest with a degreaser and water. Use foil liners in winter months to make this process as simple as possible.

We’ve got lots of helpful grilling tips!  If you want to know more or have a specific grilling question just call us at 913-383-2286 or email us at

A proud member of Kansas City Nari

Proud member of Kansas City NARI

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