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Football season brings with it an air of excitement and camaraderie that’s hard to match. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just in it for snacks, one thing’s for sure: the grill becomes the centerpiece of every gathering. To ensure your tailgate or backyard party is a smashing success, we’ve compiled a list of the five best things to grill for football season. We’ll draw inspiration from two of our most trusted sources: and the Broil King BBQ blog. Let’s get the fire started!

  1. Classic Burgers with a Twist emphasizes the importance of quality ingredients and proper technique for grilling burgers. Start with high-quality ground beef, preferably 80% lean for the perfect balance of flavor and juiciness. Season generously with salt and pepper and consider adding a touch of Worcestershire sauce for an extra kick.

    For a unique twist, visit Broil King BBQ’s blog for creative burger topping ideas. From gourmet aioli sauces to unexpected ingredients like grilled peaches or caramelized onions, the possibilities are endless. Elevate your burger game and turn your grill into a flavor powerhouse.

  2. Smoky Barbecue Ribs

    Nothing screams football season quite like a rack of perfectly smoked ribs. offers valuable tips on achieving that smoky flavor, emphasizing the importance of low and slow cooking. Invest in quality wood chips like hickory or applewood for that authentic smokiness.

    Broil King BBQ’s blog provides a plethora of barbecue sauce recipes that cater to different tastes. Whether you’re into tangy, spicy, or sweet, you’ll find a sauce that pairs perfectly with your ribs. Don’t forget to finish them off on a high heat to achieve that mouthwatering caramelization.

  3. Flavorful Chicken Wings

    Chicken wings are a game-day staple, and grilling adds a unique charred flavor that sets them apart. recommends marinating the wings beforehand to infuse them with flavor. Opt for a zesty marinade with a hint of citrus to complement the smoky char.

    For a range of marinade and sauce ideas, visit Broil King BBQ’s blog. From classic Buffalo sauce to Asian-inspired glazes, you’ll find options that cater to all palates. Experiment with different flavors to create a wing experience your guests won’t forget.

  4. Sizzling Sausages

    Sausages are a versatile and easy-to-grill option that’s sure to satisfy a hungry crowd. stresses the importance of indirect grilling for sausages, ensuring even cooking without excessive charring. Consider adding a smoke box filled with aromatic wood chips for an extra layer of flavor.

    To take your sausages to the next level, explore Broil King BBQ’s blog for unique sausage pairings and toppings. From sauerkraut and spicy mustard to grilled peppers and onions, the possibilities are endless. Create a sausage bar and let your guests customize their own culinary creations.

  5. Grilled Vegetable Platter

    While the focus often leans towards meat, a well-prepared vegetable platter can steal the show. emphasizes the importance of prepping vegetables properly for the grill, ensuring they’re not too thick or too thin. A light coating of olive oil and a sprinkle of salt and pepper can do wonders.

    For inspiration on grilled vegetable combinations and sauces, head over to Broil King BBQ’s blog. Explore inventive pairings like balsamic-glazed Brussels sprouts or honey-lime grilled corn. A vibrant and flavorful vegetable platter not only complements the meat but also caters to vegetarian guests.

Grilling during football season is an art form that requires the right techniques, quality ingredients, and a touch of creativity. By drawing inspiration from and Broil King BBQ’s blog, you can elevate your game-day spread to a whole new level. Whether you’re sizzling up classic burgers or experimenting with unique toppings, your guests are sure to be cheering for more. So, fire up that grill, and let the football festivities begin!

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